Our Approach

What we offer

Kaakaki Group offers a variety of consultancy and growth development services to organisations who want to grow their businesses and diversify . Many of the services rendered are customized for each client based on their needs and requirements.

Our Aim

​Our aim is to support our client in diversifying their business operations so as to tap into the large customer bases the continent offers. We have successfully delivered this by presenting organisations with logistics, business intelligence, technical, market research and feasibility studies that perfectly fit into their organisation’s strategic plans, and this gives them the platform to effectively and efficiently launch their business operations.

How we work

To deliver this, we work closely with our clients on ways of supporting them in actualising their business aspirations and expand their potential customer base, and this resultant effect of this dynamic partnership is enhanced performance and deliverance of excellent services.

We provide a team

We will provide team of experienced consultants whose expertise will be based on the need of your organisation. Once all parties involved have agreed on a plan of action, our role will be to ensure that the whole processes from the initial stage to implementation and execution stages are being monitored assessed and evaluated. Ensuring the availability of a clear communication channel and providing timely feedback is very important to us, as it gives us the opportunity to ensure that valuable recommendations are merged into on-going projects whether they are long term or short term projects.